Provide a stress-free travel

With an average basket of € 1200 for travel purchases in western europe, insurance services offer a peace of mind experience for your travellers during the transaction.

(source: Contentsquare)

Voyageurs en attente
Voyageurs en attente

Boost your customer satisfaction

Offering additional insurance services with strong added value for your customers allows you to differentiate your value proposition and increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Diversify your business model

Cross-selling insurance products represents an efficient way to improve your average basket per customers with up to 20% of additional revenue. Besides, 60.1% of consumers would prefer to purchase insurance from the marketplace which sells them their goods than from anyone else.

(Source:, Forrester Research)

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Luggage (damage/loss/robbery)


Flight cancellation


Bad weather


Flight delay on departure


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The best in class Insurance-As-A-Service

Moonshot Insurance offers a modular and scalable Insurance-As-A-Service plateform operating securely, in real time.

Customized API-integration allows you to natively integrate our restAPIs in your services for a smoother, more transparent and personnalized customer experience

White label integration offers a customer journey with your own brand logo and color scheme, enabling to reduce time to market and efforts.

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The integration was very easy with Moonshot Insurance teams. We are looking forward to work together and make more innovative offers to our clients.

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